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Hey Guys,

It’s been a while, hope you’re all well. I must warn you now, as I write this I have no idea where it’s going but I hope you gain something from it…

I’m not one for clichés but I have to admit that I’ve made a lot of changes since the year began.

First of all, I’ve decided only to drink water this year- and the odd cocktail when I’m in the mood- as part of my clearer skin journey. I’ve tried a wide range of products, some which have been featured on here before and for the most part they tend to work; but then a change of environment or diet can cause me to break out and give me scars that are worse than what I was recovering from! I’m pretty much tired of spending money on skin care products that leave me worse than I started off so my aim is to purify my skin from the inside… As always, I’ll let you know how this works J

I’ve also decided to mind my own business. I’ve never been the nosy type, if I ask it’s because I genuinely care, but I have a bad habit of taking on the burdens of people around me and quite often it leaves me feeling really low. Simple solution is simply not to ask, and if someone wants to confide in me I give them the time they deserve and leave it at that. Maybe it’s selfish, but if I can’t put myself first I can’t expect anyone else to.

I make time for myself. This is usually spent sleeping, reading or re-watching some of my favourite films. My course is pretty hectic and now that the new semester has started I know this will be more difficult but after doing it for a month I realise how essential it is. We’re all told how important socialising at uni is, and I’m not saying it isn’t, but some of us prefer to be alone at times and I feel like I completely forgot what type of person I was and spent all my free time with other people. Sometimes you just need to lock your door and be alone- if that’s the type of person you are of course, don’t force the lonely life!

I put A LOT less pressure on myself. I used to think that I worked well because I was under pressure, and so I would inflict pressure on myself. I decided to take a much more relaxed approach to my revision this time around- hopefully it all works out- and I didn’t feel any less productive than I usually do. If anything I felt more productive because I wasn’t setting myself impossible targets. Exam period doesn’t have to be a stressful time if feeling stressed reaps no benefits.

I prayed for peace. This won’t apply to everyone, and probably seems really obvious to those of you that are really spiritual, but it’s something I just never thought about doing. I prayed for peace and happiness the same way people pray for jobs and good grades and everyone around me can testify that I have been a much more optimistic and joyful person. You’re probably thinking that it’s only been a month, but it’s probably the longest period I’ve felt reaaaaaaaaaally happy *group hug* J This doesn’t mean unfortunate things haven’t happened, it’s just a lot easier for me to push them out of my mind.

I’m trying new things, hanging with a wider range of people and learning more about what interests me. You’re probably reading this and thinking that you already did all of these things, but I can honestly say that I have learnt more about myself in the month of January this year than I did in the last two years and it’s better late than never.

I think I’ll stop blabbing now, I hope 2015 is treating you well,

Tisha x

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