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Interview Tips: Before, During & After

Before the interview: When you receive an interview invitation, as well as expressing your thanks, try to make sure you receive as much information as possible to help you prepare. Who? Do your best to find out who and how many people will be interviewing you. Once you have this information, try and find out more about them and their… Read more →

Top 10 CV & Cover Letter Tips

CVs: Get them checked. Your educational institution has a careers department for a reason. Sometimes you just need the reassurance that your CV is in good shape, sometimes you need someone to help you start from scratch, whatever the case may be, take advantage of the help that is available. Keep them updated. It’s crazy how many people don’t regularly… Read more →

Picking A Placement

During the hustle and bustle of university life, the extra stress you pile on when looking for professional work whether as a part of your degree or during a gap year or summer holiday, can have a massive effect on your academic performance. My advice to help limit this is to start early! There’s a lot more to do than… Read more →