Sweet Spritz

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My top 3 fragrances:

1: Miss Dior by Christian Dior (formerly Miss Dior Cherie)

2: Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs

3: Chance by Chanel

As you can probably see, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Dior, this is my second bottle since the re-branding and it will most likely remain my favourite fragrance of all time. I would describe this as a summery-fruity-but-rustic-bottle-of-divine-bursts-of-elegance!
The glass gift-box design with metal bow and signature CD dog-tooth imprint on the base are fun and sophisticated to match the tangy but subtle and warm scent.

Daisy Dream is certainly a perfect name or the fresh spring time fragrance- a floral scent as expected. I fell in love with this when shopping on my travels this summer because of how light and airy it is- perfect for a young female and possibly something to put on your Christmas list! It is definitely my favourite of the Daisy family and the packaging is my favourite of the three in this post!

Chance, just like Miss Dior is quite typical of designer fragrances, not too fruity, not to floral, not too rich but not too powdery; it has a very sweet and fresh feel to it and is quite natural smelling- so much so I went ahead and bought the body satin, hence why my bottle is still quite full. I never really used to buy the lotion products for fragrances but I feel that this particular scent works better as a moisturiser. The packaging is simple to match the scent for both the fragrance and the lotion and the consistency of the lotion is very light and smooth and feels great on the skin!

Hope this has helped you to fill up your Christmas list. Tisha x

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