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Being insecure:

There are only two outcomes from going into a relationship as an insecure person.

1: the other person becomes possessive and controlling

2: you become scared to commit in fear that you aren’t deserving, causing friction and trust issues

When that relationship finally ends, the insecure person is likely to have become so heavily dependent on their significant other that life will genuinely seem unbearable. You need to ensure that you can please yourself without relying on another person, otherwise, when they leave they will take your happiness along with them.

Compliments are nice, and those who give them are even nicer, but one of the main foundations of a healthy relationship is two people with healthy self-esteem, so don’t allow yourself to be lured into an intimate relationship with someone because they said nice things to you- say nice things to yourself! A low self-esteem can sometimes lead people into relationships just so they have a sense of acceptance- do not be this person!

“Love yourself girl or nobody will” – J Cole, Crooked Smile (Born Sinner)

Tisha x

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