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Staying Woke is Overwhelming

I’ll let you know right now that I won’t be ending this post with any tips or advice. I write this because I believe that it is important to stay woke, but I also place a high importance on self-care and I’m struggling to find a balance between the two. Woke: A state of perceived intellectual superiority one gains by… Read more →

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Do You Inspire Yourself?

TimeHop is by far my favourite app! I sometimes get so caught up in trying to be a better me that I forget that I already am! It can be cringe at times (in fact most of the time) but there are often moments that I am in awe of myself. Inspiration I often pride myself on being self-motivated, but… Read more →

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Returning To University

Congrats! You’ve completed your industrial placement year/summer internship- hopefully you’ve learned many new skills and are better prepared for the working world! If anyone would like to hear my experiences over the past year, let me know via Twitter, Facebook or the comments section below! You’re probably buzzing and can’t wait to go back to uni- I’m happy for you.… Read more →

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“I’m Not Ready Yet”

Okay, but when will you be ready? The thing about fear is that it presents itself in so many forms that sometimes we fail to recognise it. I’m sure you’ve said these words before, I definitely have. Two years into what you thought was progressing relationship, he tells you he isn’t ready to commit. Five years into your career and… Read more →

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Blue Sky Tag Challenge Award

This post is extremely overdue and I apologise for that. But regardless, thank you to Lyndel from Island Girl on a Mission for nominating me for yet another blogger award! *insert applause* I’ll get straight into the questions… What are your 4 daily must have items? My phone My phone charger My headphones My lip balm If you could choose… Read more →

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Sunshine Blogger Award

A massive thank you to Shaina from Happiness Exposed for the nomination for the Sunshine Award! I couldn’t be more thankful to every single person that has ever visited Behind the Schmile..:), I am honestly so overwhelmed by the support from all of you! The Sunshine Blogger Award is awarded to blogs that are creative, inspiring and positive! It’s also… Read more →

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Education does not Equal Success

You already know this: education is not equal to success. It can even be argued that educational success itself is not success, or at least not the epitome of it. What is Success? According to my favourite source, Dictionary.com, success is: The favourable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavours; the accomplishment of one’s goals. The attainment of wealth, position,… Read more →

University: Debt & Sugar Daddies

Brace yourself, I’m about to discuss university debt, so be prepared for a long one, this is not a topic we can touch on briefly. When I was applying for university there was no discussion of alternative plans. I come from an African household. University is the way, other options ke… why kwanu? As someone who had lived in eternal… Read more →

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Glowing Skin | Updated Skin Care Routine

After many requests from those that follow me on Snapchat I have decided to make this post! I hope it’s helpful! Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist, just a girl who FINALLY cleared her skin, please take care when using any products recommended and test in small amounts first My Skin: Skin Type: combination/oily T-zone (does what is wants tbh)… Read more →