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We Can All Win!

My self-development journey has led me to put a lot of focus on my flaws. But every so often I have to toot my own horn and acknowledge my positive traits. One of these being my strong belief that we can all win! But experience has shown me that not everybody thinks this way. I went to a selective sixth… Read more →

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What Keeps You Going?

This is a question I often get asked. In such a crowded market, my consistency and enthusiasm for Behind the Schmile..:) often leads people around me to think my blog is more ‘popping’ than it is. My blog hasn’t grown at the rate I thought it would. I’ll be honest and say that it’s somewhat disappointing, but not to the… Read more →

Liebster Award

Thank you so much to Natalie of Net-Talks for the nomination! Visit her blog for some great fashion/style posts! I’ll get straight into the questions: 1: What inspired you to start blogging? Simple answer is life! Life brought me challenges: opportunities for achievements as well as failure. I wanted to share both. 2: What has been your greatest achievement? It… Read more →

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My First Blogger Recognition Award

*insert confetti* I’m excited” It’s always nice to know that others appreciate your work, especially those that know what goes into running a blog. Thank you so much to Heather of Sassy Sensibility for nominating me! Her site covers everything from self-development advice to yummy recipes so be sure to check her out! How I got here I started blogging with a… Read more →

Apparently… You Believe in Me

Suffering from low self-esteem is not uncommon in today’s society. There are many reasons for this, the most common in my opinion are: feelings of not belonging feelings of incompetence- self doubt pressure to do well This is especially prevalent in a university setting. There’s always the pressure to achieve a certain grade but the self-doubt you harbour can lead… Read more →

Growing Pains: Overcoming Childhood Issues

Before I begin, yes this is another long disclaimer. I thought you should know how much I struggled in uploading this, and many other posts for that matter. I wrote this back in February and I have been hesitant to publish. When it was originally drafted, I wrote with a certain group of people in mind. But that same month… Read more →

Everything Happens For A Reason… Or Does It?

“Everything happens for a reason”: words spoken during your most desperate hour amidst sweet lies uttered to soothe your soul. Engulfed in Frustration, Embarrassment, Agony and Regret, sometimes “a reason” can make the struggle worthwhile. “A reason” is the oxygen tank when you’re suffocated in confusion and this “reason” keeps your breaths steady when guilt creeps into your dreams. We… Read more →

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Not Everything is Political: #UnpopularPoliticalOpinion

I have two extremes:  I’m either talking too much and can’t be stopped despite who is listening (which is usually no-one thanks to my supposedly monotone voice) or I’m completely silent and I’m 100% focused on listening. Usually, these periods of silence are what lead to these rants. By writing things down rather than subjecting my voice to blending in… Read more →