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So we’ve spoken about setting goals and hopefully you’ve started, but how do we keep the momentum going? How do we ensure that our short term and especially long term goals don’t simply drift to the back of our minds? Can you think of a goal you might have set when you were younger that you haven’t achieved and how impossible it seems now? Has reality crept into your thoughts and told you “It was a silly idea anyway!”? Yeah… me too. But I don’t want a repeat of that so I’m working on a few ideas to help keep the fire burning so that I can focus on what it is I really want in the future. Some of the ideas below may seem borderline silly to you, but you’re probably used to my weird ideas by now.
  • Motivation/ Vision Boards

An article by Huffington Post about the effectiveness of vision boards and how to make them.

  • Goal Checklists
  • Motivational Books/ Videos

A book I’m currently reading: The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters (S/O to Hakeem for buying me this!)

I LOVE watching TED talks for motivational speeches and thought provoking videos on pretty much everything. Here’s one I recently watched on staying calm during a stressful season:

  • Research

Take a look at the housing market. Calm down, I’m not suggesting you start stressing over buying your own property! But this is one of my future plans, so to help ‘inspire’ me, I look at some real estate websites every so often, seeing the prices of some of the properties helps me to put where I would like to be into perspective and gets me thinking about other goals I would like to set such as a target salary, which then leads me to think about a career path and my degree etc. It’s common knowledge that the degree you hold does not determine your future, but depending on the career path you choose it can make a massive difference, so having this in the back of my mind can help to keep me going, especially during exam season when ALL I want to do is sleep!

Research your goal, be it a holiday, an internship, a pair of shoes, do some research on the topic to remind yourself of why it is so amazing and why you want it so badly! Every so often I read about female engineers or about the industry as a whole to remind myself of how fascinating I thought my course was when applying and all of the cool things it can lead me to do in the future.

  • Milestone Rewards

When revising for example, I reward myself by eating one, and just one chocolate finger after completing each task. Obviously, you don’t have to do this, a healthy snack would be a much better idea; but everyone that knows me personally is aware that I have a slight addiction to these chocolate covered biscuits so this works very well for me when I need motivation during long periods of revision.

  • Keep a strong network
  • Write down the reasons behind your goals
  • Tell/ Draw/ Write yourself a story about where you want to be, all goals accomplished
  • Have a plan B- avoid total disappointment
  • Enjoy the process
  • Find a role model- family member, friend, fictional character, celebrity… ANYONE

Be youthful and ambitious once again. Don’t lose sight of the dream!

Think about the behaviours you need to achieve your goals. Do you feel like your goals were easier to achieve when you were younger? Could this have been because you didn’t really make them goals but your behaviour led you to achieve them? You didn’t have the added pressure and fear of failure, Unfortunately, the older you become, the more difficult it is to not have goals or to be ignorant to future aspirations, but you can change and adapt your behaviour to make your goals more attainable.

I hope this has been somewhat helpful! I’m sure there are a million things one could do, so feel free to share any tips in the comments below. Good luck to those of you with exams! 🙂

Tisha x

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