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Passion, Pain & Purpose

When it comes to finding our purpose, many, including myself, are caught up in the wrong things. We misunderstand what it is we’re asking God for and end up working towards goals that haven’t been destined for us. Then we start wondering why things aren’t working out the way we feel they should. People of all ages struggle with identifying… Read more →

Eat Your Cake: The Battle Between Goals & Systems

The saying goes “you can’t eat your cake and have it too” and I agree… sort of. The large majority of life’s affairs fall into the category of ‘experiences’, meaning that we live through moments whilst learning, maturing and growing. Such experiences often include interactions with other people who tend to come in the form of colleagues, family, friends and… Read more →

Misconceptions about Adulthood

I’m still officially classed as a young adult but already there are a few misconceptions about adulthood I had when growing up that I have been able to identify. This adulting thing is hard, let’s not get it twisted, but there are a few things that aren’t as bad as I had anticipated. The biggest misconception for me was thinking… Read more →

Top 10 Tips for a Stress-Free Exam Season

1: Find revision techniques that work for you For me, as embarrassing as this is to say, the most effective revision technique was making YouTube style tutorial videos. Studies show that you learn best when you use the information you have gained, for example by teaching others; but unfortunately, in a university environment where everyone is revising for their own… Read more →

Loneliness: “I Have No Friends”

Loneliness… such an exciting topic! Before I begin, I don’t want anyone reading this who considers me a friend to take offence to this. Look beyond the title and you may agree with my words. If you disagree that’s fine too, but know that you are definitely appreciated. Also, this has ended up being a VERY long post, so as… Read more →


I wrote a post at the start of the year called Black Depression. It received a lot of attention, but on reflection (because that’s what I do), I honestly feel as though ‘I didn’t land’, translation: I didn’t make a clear point. I’d like to apologise for that first of all. Not long after I posted that, I was having… Read more →

Dealing with Discouragement

Ever found yourself engrossed in something that makes you feel alive? Has sharing this special thing with people turned it sour? Somewhere along the lines, have you ever thought, “maybe this isn’t for me”? Yeah? Well I’ve been there too. One problem with many people is that we give our opinion when it isn’t wanted. Another problem with people is… Read more →