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Tea Time

Just wanted to share a few snaps from my Afternoon Tea at Sketch in Mayfair, London.   Everything about it was so cute that I took pictures of literally everything 😛 The service is great and so is the food, can’t wait to go back! They also have the coolest toilets you have ever seen- a weird thing to get… Read more →

Review: Nutri Bullet & Juice Recipes

I’ve been told by many to get the Nutri Bullet to use for my juices/blends… So I had a word with my mother and we got one in no time- but it sat on the kitchen counter for a good few months until this week! We’ve finally decided to use it, we have about 4 other juicers but we definitely… Read more →

Grilled Sea Bass

Quite an old recipe of mine I thought I’d share because it’s quick, easy and simple, just the way we like it! Ingredients:I sort of whipped this up one day while I was at home and used what was at my disposal, so in terms of seasoning, start in small quantities and add more as desired, there are not any… Read more →

Restaurant Review: Ed’s Diner

Yes… Food again, but who doesn’t love food? I recently visited Ed’s Diner after signing up on their website and receiving a free burger voucher code- sign up quick- and I was hoping that I would be treating myself to an amazingly unique freshly made burger but to put it simply this wasn’t the case. The staff were extremely pleasant… Read more →

Chicken Stir Fry

A quick and simple dish- just the way we like it! Serves: 4 Prep & Cooking Time: 30 mins Portions can be amended accordingly to suit the number of people. Ingredients: Egg Noodles 800g 2 tbsp Clear Honey 4 tbsp Soy Sauce Lime x 2 Garlic 4 tsp Olive Oil Black Pepper Ground Ginger Coriander Chicken Breasts x 4 Sesame… Read more →

Restaurant Review: Golden Phoenix

In the heart of China Town in Leicester Square, Golden Phoenix is a new Chinese restaurant that opened this week that I stumbled into with a few friends. It has a friendly family atmosphere and in comparison to many of the neighbouring Restaurants it is definitely much more up scale despite having extremely reasonable pricing- typically £6-8 for a noodle/rice… Read more →

Restaurant Review: Burger & Lobster

A short review because food tends to sell itself really… What I love about this restaurant is the simplicity of the menu; you can either order a burger or a lobster and either costs no more than £20. I ordered the Lobster (which can also be served in a bun) with fries and a garlic and herb butter sauce- this… Read more →

Toast With A Twist

An update on my healthy eating- it’s going surprisingly well! After making my health a priority it became alot easier to find time to make healthy meals and I hope to share some recipes with you soon. But in the meantime, here is a quick and simple lunchtime snack. Ingredients: Wholemeal or Brown Bread Grated cheese 2 Tomatoes Half of… Read more →

One Apple At A Time

According to TIME magazine, one of the most commonly broken New Year’s Resolutions is to ‘Eat Healthier and Diet’ which I’m sure comes as no surprise. Every January we tell ourselves that we won’t make any more trips to McDonald’s as if to say changing the very last digit in the date has any influence on what we stuff our… Read more →

Juice It Up !

I’m sure you never suspected that there would be juice recipes out there to help promote clearer skin, healthier hair or even reduce migraines- but the juice and blend market are growing fast, and you should grow with it! There are hundreds of recipes out there, and possibly, even more, videos, websites and other blogs that you could look at.… Read more →