Back To School… Old School

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A blackboard and chalk wasn’t exactly a childhood memory of mine… Interactive white boards are more my style- but nothing screams back to school like a cute and funky chalkboard nail art design!

Ciate recently launched their Chalkboard Manicure kit and I have been fortunate enough to try it out. It includes a Black Matte Polish ‘Chalkboard Paint Pot’, some nail art pens and a Matte Top Coat ‘Mattnificent’.


How To Use:

1: Apply a base coat and leave to dry

2: Apply two coats of the matte black polish and leave to dry


3: Then choose from the many designs in the information booklet or create your own, and draw directly onto the dry nail with the nail art pens. First time use requires you to press down on a hard surface and shake the pens so that the ink will flow.

4: Then leave to dry, and seal in the design with the matte top coat

I’m loving this product so far! And the pens weren’t difficult to use once they had been fully prepped! As expected, my designs did chip before even 24 hours had passed; I even cleaned my nails and started again but the outcome was the same. However, for the time in which it did last I was happy with my designs.

Hope you enjoy and are inspired to create your own back to school nail designs!

Apologies for how bad the designs are X-P

Tisha x

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