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Stay Focused

You worked too hard to get here to allow distractions to mess things up. Remember your purpose there; your course of course, but also to grow and mature, preparing yourself for adult life. Make sure you stay on top of your work, go to important lectures blah blah blah… But seriously, it’s important, I’m sure you’ve just heard it all before.


You aren’t there simply to get a degree. For most people this is the time to develop their skills and learn more about their personality; their interests, strengths and weaknesses. One of the best ways to do this is to meet new people and try new things. This doesn’t mean you need to be drunk every night, but it probably won’t be beneficial to be locked in your room all year considering you will have to live with some people- get to know them!

Be comfortable

Don’t feel pressured to do things outside of your comfort zone because you want to try new things. If you have any hobbies you would usually take part in, be sure to join a society that is tailored to that, it’s a great way to socialise!

Enjoy it! I’m sure you’ve heard this enough, but these are supposedly the best years of your life so make the most of it.

I hope those of you that have already started are well settled and those of you yet to start are well prepared. Wishing you all the best on behalf of the DuxMichael team, good luck, Tisha x

If you have any questions or extra tips be sure to leave a comment 🙂

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