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Ever felt like someone you are so close to doesn’t have time for you anymore? Like you’ve been shoved lower down on their priority list? Its fine, it happens, and if it hasn’t happened yet trust me it will.

But just like everything else you have to learn to make the best of the situation. Try reconnecting with some friends you probably haven’t spoken to since summer, or some family members you haven’t seen since you left for uni.

People experience a lot of changes in their life- at uni especially- it’s all a part of growing up; people get into serious relationships, start thinking more seriously about their careers, develop some ‘interesting’ new habits and beliefs, the list is endless. But don’t allow someone’s lack of time or appreciation for you to get you down, find new ways to pick yourself up.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, this could be an opportunity for you to take the time to get to know new people, network, learn new things, prioritise new things etc. You don’t have to replace this person, drop them out or treat them any differently; you just have to accept that the nature of your relationship has changed. I have experienced this myself recently and have spoken to a number of friends that have felt the same way for a while. Sometimes YOU are the person neglecting others.

I’ve learnt to keep busy the right way:

  • Making time for myself
  • Making time for people when they need it
  • Prioritising what is important to me

Don’t fall into the trap of being busy the wrong way:

  • Making  time for yourself

I’m a strong believer that if people care for you, they will make the time for you, no-one is ever ‘too busy’. So be sure to spread some love, you never know who is in need and how you can make someone’s day, especially a fellow student- uni is buzzing with students but it can very easily become a lonely place.

The most important thing is not to be dependent on others, you need to have something to occupy your mind with when everyone is ‘too busy’ for you. For me it’s this blog, find what works for you, something that makes you truly happy- this might lead to the discovery of your purpose!

Remember that you are never alone, God is NEVER too busy for you!

Stay schmiling!

Tisha x

-This is probably old news to you, but I always feel the need to share experiences in the hope that it will help someone.

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