The Change

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To those of you who followed us as Our Thoughts, Your Eyes… you’re probably wondering, why such a not-so-drastic design change, but more importantly, why the new name?

The reason is pretty simple.

When Our Thoughts, Your Eyes… started out, it was a blog run by a group of friends who wrote about everything and anything. After about two years, the blog was only being run by myself (Tisha) and so after years of contemplation and debate, I finally decided it was time to make everything about the blog more representative of myself. The posts have already been a lot more intimate than a few thoughts on the month’s GlossyBox, now I discuss my real life issues and aim to offer practical advice.

Schmile (pronounced sh-mile) is a term I use a lot, ultimately because I like to be different and simply saying ‘smile’ like everyone else does not suffice- the meaning, however, is the same.

Behind the Schmile..:) is what I think my posts as a collective represent: everything that goes on behind the scenes in my life, the ups and downs, lessons and rewards… everything that contributes to my schmile!

So that’s pretty much it; the content won’t change, it’s all just a little more personal now!

And to the new followers, I hope you can learn something as I take you along with me on my journey to self-discovery… #StaySchmiling

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