Student Christmas Gift Guide

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Here are a few reasonably priced items that I think would be great to either put on your wishlist or buy for someone else!

1: Portable Charger
I was lucky enough to receive this last year and it is buy far the best gift I have ever received!!! I’m sure I don’t need to you how many times I’ve gone out and been unreachable for hours becausemy phone died because the chances are you’ve suffered from this too. But worry not- the portable charger is here to save you! Simply charge it up and pop it in your bag, ready to use whenever you’re running low!
There are hundreds of different brands and models but here’s the one that I have
Price: £13
Gender: Unisex
Age: Any

2: Photo Cube
Great for a uni student who’s away from home! Mine has a special place on my desk so that it’s in view whenever I’m working. Perfect for anyone that’s sentimental 🙂
Many variations, this is just one
Price: £5
Gender: Unisex
Age: Any

3: Perfume
You can NEVER go wrong with a fragrance- ever- it’s like a law in the book of gift giving! Check out my last post for a review of my favourites!
Gender: Unisex
Age: Any

4: Nutri Bullet
Slightly more expensive than the rest, but definitely an investment you will not regret! Perfect for anyone who is looking to get fit but like most of us is pretty lazy. I mentioned this earlier on  in the summer and it’s safe to say that my household has adopted it as a part of the family! Make juices, blends and smoothies in seconds and take away with you in the same cup you blended it in by simply adding a lid! It comes with a gazillion recipes but feel free to freestyle like I did and come up with your own creations! Check it out here and my sort-of-more-detailed-review here
Price: £99.99
Gender: Unisex
Age: anyone old enough to use a blender 😛

5: The Sims 4
This speaks for itself,if you’re into The Sims you’ll love it!
Check out one of the many editions here 
Price: £37
Gender: Unisex
Age: 12+

Hope this was helpful, Tisha x

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