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As promised, this post will be an update on my new mindset and how this is helping me to stay positive throughout this year.
We’re in the third month and I can honestly say that I’m so proud of how well I have been able to maintain such positivity- this doesn’t mean I don’t feel down at times, or angry or simply frustrated, but these aren’t emotions that I allow to take control of my actions anymore.
One thing that I mentioned previously that I think has made a massive impact is taking each day as it comes. This is often confused with living in the moment or having a yolo lifestyle; but what this means to me is being the best you that you can be in everything you do each day. So if that’s how you style your hair, what you cook for dinner or how much attention you pay in lectures, make it the best that you could possibly do for that day. Why save your best moments for a day in the future that isn’t guaranteed? This also means not stressing over how things will work out in the future, if you can be the best you for today, each day, then when the future comes around you’ll automatically be even better…  Now reread that last bit and nod along with me 😛
I’ve also learnt to do what needs to be done. From I was young, I was taught not to leave things to the last minute and so I would complete all tasks as soon as possible and then have a lot of free time. But as I grew older I started setting myself new tasks each time I accomplished one and it reached the point where I never had free time- this defeated the entire purpose! Majority of the ‘new tasks’ I had set for myself were put in place to help prepare me for the future, but in certain situations I realised I couldn’t prosper with my future preparation because I hadn’t given the current tasks enough time to settle in. You need to do what needs to be done now, reflect, improve and possibly try again before you start thinking about the tasks for tomorrow.
Saying no. I’m still working on this one to be honest but I think I’m getting there. Being busy, especially at uni can be a good thing, you meet new people, learn new things ect. But if the thought of being busy and having a full schedule on a daily basis stresses you out simply say no. You owe it to yourself to eliminate all the stress factors in your life.
Approach all situations and people with a fresh mind. I’ve been speaking to a lot of friends recently who are shutting out the new people in their life because of the mistakes the old people in their life made, and I have to admit that I am also guilty of this. I had to put it into perspective, it’s like going into an English exam thinking you can apply these same techniques to a Maths question: you can’t! Everything and everyone is different, especially if like me you have just started a new chapter in your life. So you can’t judge everyone the same way and you can’t have the same approach with your bestfriend of 7 years as you would have with your new friend of barely 7 months.
This applies on a smaller scale too, it may seem like at the moment your life is just packed full of deadlines and so you may think the best thing to do is rush through everything quickly, but eventually you’ll move from one thing to another and the mental fatigue you can carried onto the next task will mean that the 3 hours you spent on your 2000 word essay was not only inefficient, but more importantly pretty pointless because you’re not pleased with your work. Take a break. A mental break. Prepare your mind before you start something new. Try it, I promise you that you’ll feel refreshed!
I also mentioned that I would try to relax a bit more… I’ve relaxed a bit too much. It’s a balance I’m still trying to find and as always I will keep you updated.
I hope 2015 has been treating you well so far.


Tisha x
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