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It wasn’t till very recently that I noticed how much of a difference my skin care routine was making; a short trip to Lourdes without all my skin care products left me breaking out like mad within a matter of days and so I would like to share the products I use to keep my face looking fresh and clear- most of the time.

I would class my skin type as combination, my nose and chin tend to get very oily but the rest of my t-zone is quite sensitive.
Face Wash:
Cleansing Lotion: 
Cleansing Wipes:
Night Treatment Gel:
The first product I no longer use is the Body Shop Sea Weed Clay Mask, there is no reason for this in particular, but my recent subscription to Glossy Box gave me the chance to explore different products. In place of that, I now use the Renu Flash Relax Mask when in the self-pampering mood. Review for this mask here:
Secondly, I now use a variety of different face washes as-well as the St Ives Apricot Scrub- additionally, Neutrogena’s Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub and Clean & Clear’s Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub. Both products have been used regularly in the past and all seem to work just as well as the other.
Most recently, my newest Body Shop favourites have been added to the list. A daily primer that helps in mattifying my oily skin before I moisturise and a blemish lotion used as a night cream alongside my Night Treatment Gel.
Together, these products help to keep me spot and blemish free, but in the case of emergencies, the Night Treatment Gel is my best friend- it really does reduce the size of those nasty surprise pimples after just one day.
Hopefully, at least one of these products or something similar can help with any blemish problems you may have, and feel free to leave us any suggestions in the comments section!
Tisha x
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