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If you’ve been a reader from the start you’ll know that I previously used A LOT of skin care products on my face and I have tried quite a few things, but last summer I decided I needed a form of detox, both in and out. I was persuaded to go on a makeup strike, I wasn’t a massive makeup fan prior but landing an internship in the big city got me into the habit of wearing a full face makeup every single day… during summer… yuck- I really don’t know how people cope with heavy makeup in hot weather…
But anyway, once my internship was over I decided not to wear any makeup at all, not even my pretty basic daily routine which consisted of eyeliner, mascara and lightly filled in brows. Because I wasn’t wearing any makeup I didn’t feel the need to cleanse twice daily and I was able to cut a lot out of my routine. I also decided to try and detox the inside of my body- a simple recipe will be included below. I also stopped with the sugar, honey and lemon scrub- it just wasn’t doing anything for me.

My Skin:
Type: Combination- I have an oily ‘T’ zone but normal skin elsewhere
Problems: Hyper-pigmentation, large pores around and on my nose, black heads on my nose and an uneven skin tone (this all sounds extreme and horrible but in reality my skin looks pretty good to me lol)
Note: My regimen doesn’t aim to combat any of these problems, I just want to keep my skin clean and hope that in time it will clear itself up.

Enough blabbing, here is what I use now:
St Ives Apricot Scrub– (£4.19) Daily Face Wash in the morning and/or in the evening to remove makeup

Vitamin E Moisture Cream– (£12.00) Daily Moisturiser

Vitamin E SPF15 Moisture Lotion–  (£13.00) Daily Moisturiser for areas where I may be breaking out to prevent hyper-pigmentation and harsh scarring or as a moisturiser for all over the face during spring/summer

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes– (£3.25) Used in the evening as an extra cleanse after washing off makeup

Aloe Cleanser– (£10.00) Used in the evening as an extra cleanse after washing off makeup

Lemon Water Recipe:
1. Boil water
2. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the hot water
3. Add honey to taste- as much as you like
4. Drink at least twice a week

Hope this is helpful 🙂
Tisha x

Note-all prices are correct at the time of posting
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