Review: March Glossy Box

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The signature pale pink box full of surprises had a ‘City Chic’ theme which wasn’t fully followed through with the variety of products I received, but it did contain products that I wouldn’t usually pick up in the store- perfect for the adventurous!

Elizabeth Arden- Eight Hour Cream Protect Fragrance Free (£25)
Definitely not fragrance free, thick, greasy and has an oily finish! BUT… perfect for dry lips during harsh winter conditions, I personally feel that the results were so good that the smell and initial greasy feeling could easily be excused- however, it would take a bit more for me to take £25 out of my pocket for it. 7/10

L’Occitane En Provence- Brightening Hand Care SPF15 (£19) Not surprising that all we’d really be paying for if we chose to purchase this product is the brand name, it’s not better than your average drug store brand hand cream; nevertheless, I do like the fresh-feeling scent and light finish. 5/10

Renu- Flush Relax Mask (£32)
This particular Glossy Box introduced me to this brand, and I wasn’t disappointed, this face mask did in fact make me feel relaxed and after regular use the exam-stress-bags under my eyes did appear reduced. 8/10

Pearlys-Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder (£15) I was very pleased to find that it didn’t leave a vile taste in my mouth, but I did find staining on my gums and ultimately there was no significant change.

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics- Lip Blush (£12) I was extremely pleased to have received this item in full size, the texture was smooth and I loved everything about this lip stain- besides the colour. This was the first time I had used any products from this brand and the great lack in shades is the only thing holding me from being a massive fan!

Overall, the box wasn’t amazing and it was very unlikely that I would purchase a full size version of all 5 products.
KimiiKritque: 6/10

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