Review: Love Alpha Mascara

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My lashes: short, curly and fine.
Even the best of mascara’s don’t seem to do much but make mine look average, but regardless I though I’d share with you one mascara that does give some promising results.

**brace yourself for some very LQ pictures- my lashes only ever look full close up after applying this mascara, in pictures they tend to look clumped together if even visible at all**

The Love Alpha Fibre Lengthening Mascara does exactly what it says.
The set comes with a Transitioning Gel which you apply like a regular mascara, and a Fibre Mascara which is simply just a stick with fibres that you brush onto the end of your lashes and seal with the Transitioning Gel.


Transitioning Gel Only

Fibres Added:


  • Affordable price
  • Easy application
  • Can be layered for desired look
  • The Transitioning Gel can be used alone and is still quite effective


  • Clumps ALOT- I often have to use other brushes to separate my lashes
  • Feels heavy on the lashes
  • Fibres often get trapped in eye- can be quite irritating
Rating: 7/10

This was a gift so I cannot say where the best place would be to buy this, it isn’t stocked in UK stores but can be found in many places online so be sure to check the review to make sure you have a reliable vendor.

Tisha x

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