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Networking will probably give you some of the most valuable relationships you could have at university because your primary focus is to prepare yourself for your future career.

You aren’t just here to make friends, you’re also here to get your foot in the door and let employers know that you’re interested in them. It’s never too early to make professional connections!!!

As much as we’d like to think that the world of work is a very fair place, sometimes securing that dream job is more about who you know and not what you know. Be sure to get in contact with your careers center in order to find out when networking opportunities are arising. It’s a great way to find out directly from the employers what they look for in graduates and also what under/graduate schemes they have available.

I recently attended a networking event and wanted to share a few tips that I picked up:

• Be confident

Being confident in your skills and past experiences will make you much more memorable; you never know, you might be at an interview with this person one day and a friendly face can make all the difference

• Show enthusiasm

Ask questions about their experiences, the company, their challenges… Anything that you are particularly interested in that Google can’t tell you

• Listen

Don’t interrupt and don’t make them feel like they’re waffling on, asking questions can show that you’re engaged in what they’re saying

• Get a name!

If possible collect a business card, if not, a name can be very useful and possibly their position at the firm because you can make LinkedIn connections later on

Networking can be fun! It should be fun! Make the most of it as these relationships are vital!

Good luck, Tisha x

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