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So we’re here, we’ve made it. We’re away from home, from regularly cooked dinners, arguments with our younger brothers and tedious chores. Time for a new challenge. It seems as if everyone you turn to has advice on how to manage your academics at university but not how to manage your life. Don’t be mistaken, I’m not about to give you a secret formula for this, but myself and those around me have realised that there are a few obvious things that people tend to ignore.

Freshers Fame

Some of us have had our fair share of intimate relationships before coming to university, some of us none at all, and it can be a bit overwhelming to suddenly experience a lot of attraction from the opposite sex. But this alone should be a flashing amber warning!!!

You may have already experienced this as a young female during freshers (and possibly as a male- hi to all the male readers if any :P) : the older guys seem to pounce on you like lions to fresh meat! This is simply because you are fresh meat! A new batch of ladies they are ready to try their charm on and in most cases they only want one thing out of this. So don’t be fooled into thinking that every guy that turns to look at you in the club is dying to spend the rest of his life with you, at most, just the rest of the night.

Ask yourself some simple questions:

Has my appearance changed?

Has my character changed?

Are these boys from a different planet?

Why are they all suddenly interested?

In no time you’ll understand exactly what I’m saying.

Also, remember that you are going to be at uni with the same people for quite a while; three years can very easily begin to feel like a century when you’ve had some kind of ‘history’ with half of the guys on campus! Yes, uni is supposed to be fun and exciting , but that doesn’t mean you have to jump into anything right away- especially multiple beds 😛

Don’t end up with Freshers Fame for the wrong reasons!

Tisha x

The next few posts will be centered around the different kinds of relationships we are likely to make at university and some things to avoid. This isn’t a topic we’ve discussed on here before so I’d really appreciate your feedback. I will try my best to get something out for this series every Friday. Enjoy 🙂

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