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I’ll be the first person to stand up and say that I know nothing about politics. I got half of my political knowledge from watching Scandal which is not only fictional, but American. I’m sure that I actually know a lot more than I think, but that’s besides today’s matter. I spent the past two years trying to learn about myself, but the few weeks of 2017 have already pointed out that in order to learn about myself, I need to know about more about the world around me and the people in it. So, without further delay, here’s how politics fits in to all of this…

Regardless of my insufficiently informed political views, I genuinely like to view people living on this planet as people. Seems standard, right?

Apparently not.

A recent debate highlighted that to some, people can’t be viewed as people unless they went to the same type of school as you, or even to school at all. People can’t be viewed as people if you have decided that their culture is seen as primitive in your eyes because they’ve incorporated a larger colour palette or a few more exotic meats on their menu. People can’t be viewed as people, if they aren’t like you.

And wait, it gets better.

Due to circumstances, some people are viewed as half-people because they have chosen to accept some of the things you like. Take me for example, I’m British by birth, but my upbringing and the culture I choose to embrace would not be described as 100% British. Apparently, this qualifies me to be half of a person. Because I live here and eat some of the same foods as those around me whilst choosing not to rock iro and buba to my 9 o’clock meetings at work, I’m acceptable. However, my friends and family who live across the sea are not.

I’ve decided to adopt the approach that Kylie Jenner took to 2016: my 2017 is the year of “realising stuff” and in order to do this I have to explore and discover new things. This experience allowed to me explore and discover how backward the world is, how skewed and selfish some people are in their thinking and how quick they are to use the requirements of our political stand or economic status to justify their views- their completely insensitive and discriminative views. Sound familiar? *sips tea*

I hate, rather, I very much dislike, to be extreme in my views, I understand that in some cases, there is a need for things to be solely black and white, but when dealing with people’s lives, there will undoubtedly be a grey area that will ALWAYS need to be handled with care.

The reason I write this, is because until this point, I felt qualified enough to make an informed decision when voting and believed that this was where my political involvement ended; but in this moment in time, I didn’t have enough political knowledge to present an argument during this debate that would speak to my audience. The moral and ethical standpoint I had taken in this very impromptu kitchen debate was not enough to appeal to my opposition; I had failed to effectively represent the masses of people in this world that understand why other people should be treated as people and not viewed as an extra cost to our economy.

So, a new goal of mine is to learn much more and become well-informed about the things that clearly affect me much more than I had realised: to step out of my political bubble. I urge you to do the same, not necessarily regarding politics, it could be anything you feel you ignored because “it didn’t affect you”. Just make the effort to be a wiser and more knowledgeable person, for everyone’s sake.

“The only real revolution happens right inside of you”- J Cole, High for Hours

Much appreciated,

Tisha x


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  1. January 19, 2017 / 8:11 pm

    Lol I liked that you said you know about politics because of scandal. I think there are some things that you won’t understand when watching it if you don’t know anything about politics.

    I originally started my blog on political issues have a look if you have some time. Other than that great post.

    • TishaKimiira
      January 19, 2017 / 8:30 pm

      I totally agree, it definitely raises alot of questions lol. Thanks for reading, I’ll definitely check it out! x

  2. Adi
    January 20, 2017 / 9:43 am

    100th post!! love it🙌🏾 Well done gurl

    • TishaKimiira
      January 20, 2017 / 10:33 am

      Thank you!x

  3. January 31, 2017 / 10:22 pm

    Hey! I nominated your blog for the liebster award! All you have to do is answer the questions on my blog and link it back to me then nominate 5 more bloggers and give them 10 new questions. The questions are on my blog at http://www.mybreakingviews.com

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