Nose Hunting in Soho

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Yes you read that right, and no, you aren’t going to stare up the nostrils of strangers.

Unfortunately, this can only be done in the heart of Soho so unless you have access to this part of London you can’t take part, but if this isn’t the case and you’re looking for something potentially fun and £FREE.99 keep reading…

The Seven Noses of Soho are simply that, seven noses that can be found on some buildings in Soho and it’s your job- if you’re bored enough- to go and look for them. They were created by artist Rick Buckley in 1997 and initially 35 noses existed, 10 are said to be left and 7 are just waiting to be sniffed out on the streets of Soho.

Apparently, no one has been able to find all seven. When I did this with a few friends we gave up after just 3, but I have to admit that it was quite fun and a weird in a quirky sort of way.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer, and if you happen to be in Soho give this a try!

Tisha x

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