It’s That Time Again

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Revision Techniques:

  • Write topic notes
  • Make summary/flash cards/mind-maps
  • Write your own knowledge based questions
  • Read around the subject (newspapers, textbooks, internet) for application
  • Write practise essays (if applicable)
  • Make revision vlogs (don’t have to post them, you can give yourself a time restriction per topic/subject to ensure that they are summary videos and not lectures)
  • Teach an imaginary class/ or a group of people who have no knowledge of this subject THEN teach your peers – helps you to make sure your explanations are clear and also identifies any misunderstandings (thank you to Jasmine for this method)
  • Complete practise questions from textbooks, revision guides, the internet ect
  • Study the examiners reports- get a familiar sense of the types of questions and suitable answers
  • Complete past paper questions
“Success does not simply come. You have to go after it”
General Revision Tips:
  • Make a plan – an easy method is to follow your school/college/sixth form timetable (thank you to Sarah for this method)
  • Take SHORT breaks at LONG but REGULAR intervals – besides lunch and dinner breaks
  • Make time for leisure activities- but remember this is not first priority
  • Find a quiet space free from distractions eg, the library or your kitchen (if food isn’t a distraction ;))
  • Set yourself mini targets and deadlines
  • Start now! Easier to ask questions when the school term hasn’t ended.
Exams are closer than we think, most of us have already begun intense revision so unfortunately posts won’t be as frequent, we will try to upload when we can. Thank you and good luck with your exams- the hard work will pay off!!!
Tisha x
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