How Do I Look???

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One thing I rarely address on here is body image, because I can’t advise you on something I haven’t conquered myself; BUT I can share my journey with you and hope that you’re inspired, even if it’s just a little bit.

Growing up I heard a lot of people say that you should learn to love your body because it’s who you are and how you were made blah blah blah… I’m sure you heard it all too. But this is the first year of my journey towards self improvement and I decided that yes, I have to love my body, but if I find it difficult to love what I already have then I need to change it.
No one has ever said that you should accept your bad grades, or your stinky attitude but they’ll tell you to accept the CHANGEABLE features that you hate. Don’t get me wrong, not everything can be to your liking- but a lot of us are lazy, we pretend to embrace our flaws to the outside world because we clearly don’t dislike them enough to fix them.

I decided to no longer be one of those people. Like most girls my age there are ALOT of things I dislike about my appearance, so I decided to fix them. For some reason, it isn’t obvious to a lot of people that insecurities surrounding body image stem much further beyond the size of your waist and your bra size, there is an endless list of insecurities that don’t ever seem to be addressed, but thanks to the world of social media more people are opening up about their experiences and trust me it’s helpful! Many things require ALOT of research, patience and determination, So many of us are affected by issues that the outside world cannot see because we have spent years mastering how to hide them. But if we want to improve as people, we need to improve our true selves, not the characters we have portrayed, and yes, that means your appearance matters.

It could be your skin, your hair, your stomach, your bum, your arms… Whatever it is, someone else is definitely suffering the same way as you and someone out there has a solution, so find it and fix it… If you want to of course 🙂

Something I have learnt thus far on my journey is that sometimes the opinion of someone else really does matter. You are definitely in control and ultimately whatever you say goes, but if we’re going to be frank about it, at times you desperately need a confidence boost or approval from someone who matters to you. There is nothing wrong with this, we were made to be around people and learn from them, we can’t do life alone. Sometimes you don’t necessarily have to change something about yourself, you just need someone to tell you that what you think is a flaw is actually beautiful, after-all, half of the time the things we dislike about ourselves are things that spiteful people mentioned to us a gazillion years ago that stuck, not things we ever truly thought about ourselves.

So take a look at yourself in a positive light and see how you can make yourself better, inside and out!

I hope summer is treating you all well!

Tisha x

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