From GCSE’s to A-Levels

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Transitioning from one level to another in anything can be difficult; but with University places becoming increasingly competitive, and the education system changing nearly every term, you simply don’t have enough time to adjust in year 12, so here are a few handy tips from all of us, based on our experiences.

1: Focus on your studies.

It is important to have a social life, but you simply don’t have time to balance work and friends equally. Friendship is important, but a few less Friday nights out is a small sacrifice to pay, and you definitely won’t regret it on results day in August. Make sure you surround yourself with people who are equally dedicated to their A Levels; that way you can motivate and help each other.

2: Don’t stress over the unnecessary.

Most sixth forms and colleges don’t require the students to wear a uniform, and to some, this means that every week is fashion week; but even those that try hard to maintain a certain image are seen in tracksuit bottoms by January. After the first week, no-one cares what anyone else is wearing, so don’t splash out on a whole new wardrobe and don’t spend valuable time planning outfits for the entire term.

3: Don’t procrastinate.

You may have been able to achieve top grades in your GCSEs simply by memorising the revision guide content, but with A Levels, it’s not your memory that’s tested, it’s your understanding. Now that January exams have been scrapped, you no longer have the chance to receive the wake-up call that many of us did. Start now to prepare yourself for summer exams, they may seem far away but it’s only around the corner, don’t waste time!

4: Enjoy it!

You get to learn more about subjects that you have chosen, in a mature environment with like minded individuals. Don’t make it a burden, besides, it’s a lot easier to work hard if you actually enjoy the subject!

Hopefully, this is somewhat helpful, feel free to ask any questions you may have about starting sixth form in the comments section.

Have a great school year!

Tisha x

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