Do You Wanna Be A Superhero?

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I’m on a mission.

A mission to make sure girls with the dreams of making a difference in the world, the love of group work and the blessing of a creative mind can harness their skills into a career that females seem to avoid: Engineering!
Over the past year I have learnt so much about this field, the vast majority of specialisms, the amazing opportunities available for girls especially and the impact this industry has on our lives.
Below is a video that I’m hoping will spark your mind, either to think more about the industry (especially if you are undecided about career paths/ degree choices/ what to do next…) and appreciate how engineers are shaping your world.
Here is a website with tons of information if you are interested, but feel free to leave any questions in the comment section below and I will try to answer them as best as I can. 
Tisha xx
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