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Although we would all like to believe that there is a simple remedy to eternal happiness, the harsh reality is that being happy is a choice, and sometimes it may seem like the hardest decision to make- but a few attitude changes could make it alot easier.

I am not in any way an expert, just like the rest of us I have my ups and downs, but I have found a few ways to pick myself up at times, many which may seem obvious or even silly at first but have proven effective.

Say positive things

The more positive things you say about yourself and the things around you, the more positive your outlook on life, the more optimistic you become and the better you feel about your life. Sounds easy enough right? Do not be fooled, you definitely won’t change overnight, but the reward is definitely worth the wait. When I first began to do this, I was totally shocked- being more conscious of the things I said showed me just how much I put myself down; I was making myself more upset than anyone else was, filling my own head with depressing thoughts. You cannot become positive without first getting rid of the negative.

choose to smile schmile behind the schmile happiness choice happy

Create a happy environment for yourself

Whether it involves filling your bedroom with scented candles, sticking old photographs all over the walls or drowning out the world with your iPod, find a way to escape when times get tough. For many people this isn’t too difficult, for example, reading a book does this almost instantly; but whatever method you choose, try to ensure that it’s something other people can’t disrupt.

Surround yourself with positive people

We are humans. We interact with humans on a daily basis. Sometimes the words and actions of the people around us have a bigger impact on us than we would like to believe but we cannot simply cease to communicate with our own species; instead, we must learn to accept certain situations for what they are and make the most of them. If you feel that you are better off away from certain people, then get away! You can’t build a happy place if you are surrounded by negativity.

choose to smile schmile behind the schmile happiness choice happy

Make a list

When you aren’t feeling your best, write down a list of every negative thing you can think of- you’ve probably started to write a list in your head already! This is your Gripe list. Then, next to each point, in a separate column, write down what is positive about it. This is your Gratitude list. It will most likely take a lot longer to complete this half of the list, but you’ll find something positive in everything, and in the end you’ll realise that the situation wasn’t all that bad.

“Enjoy your life, no matter how hard it may seem, when live gives you a thousand reasons to cry, show the world you have a million reasons to smile”


When you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, smile, and remind yourself of how lucky you are to be alive, how fortunate you are compared to millions in the world. This alone makes you special, it’s a reminder that you have a wonderful destiny just waiting to be fulfilled, surely a sense of purpose is enough to put a smile on your face!

choose to smile schmile behind the schmile happiness choice happy

I hope this is helpful even in the slightest. Happiness is a choice that only you can make for yourself, so make that choice right now, grab a bar of chocolate and enjoy the day!!!

Tisha x

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