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10 Random Facts About Me Tag!

This isn’t my usual type of blog post but I’ve been tagged by the awesome Dafra from DafraStar and so here I am! Also, I hope the blogosphere doesn’t punish me for using pictures from the same shoot as my last post… This is an impromptu piece and your girl does not have any more pennies to spend on pretty… Read more →

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1 Year Anniversary #GIVEAWAY

Behind the Schmile..:) is turning a year old! I’m so grateful for all of your support and the growth over this past year! To celebrate I’m hosting my first ever a giveaway and there will be THREE winners! Prize: £25 Amazon Gift Voucher How to Enter: Subscribe to the Newsletter via Email Engage on the following social media platforms to… Read more →

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Blue Sky Tag Challenge Award

This post is extremely overdue and I apologise for that. But regardless, thank you to Lyndel from Island Girl on a Mission for nominating me for yet another blogger award! *insert applause* I’ll get straight into the questions… What are your 4 daily must have items? My phone My phone charger My headphones My lip balm If you could choose… Read more →

sunshine blogger award behind the schmile

Sunshine Blogger Award

A massive thank you to Shaina from Happiness Exposed for the nomination for the Sunshine Award! I couldn’t be more thankful to every single person that has ever visited Behind the Schmile..:), I am honestly so overwhelmed by the support from all of you! The Sunshine Blogger Award is awarded to blogs that are creative, inspiring and positive! It’s also… Read more →

The Liebster Award… Again

I’ve been nominated again! I’m just as excited as the first time! It’s wonderful to know that people take the time to read my thoughts and actually enjoy doing so! Thank you to Shayla Em from The Plus Diaries for nominating me! I won’t go into detail about what the award is again, feels like just yesterday that I did.… Read more →

Comfort in Culture

A strange phase seemed to have captured my friends and I. I noticed that over a period, we had unintentionally become more in tune with our roots and I couldn’t help but feel that the hardships we are facing in the world today, that seemed to mimic those that our ancestors faced, at an ever growing rate, were the driving… Read more →

The Change

To those of you who followed us as Our Thoughts, Your Eyes… you’re probably wondering, why such a not-so-drastic design change, but more importantly, why the new name? The reason is pretty simple. When Our Thoughts, Your Eyes… started out, it was a blog run by a group of friends who wrote about everything and anything. After about two years,… Read more →