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Liebster Award

Thank you so much to Natalie of Net-Talks for the nomination! Visit her blog for some great fashion/style posts! I’ll get straight into the questions: 1: What inspired you to start blogging? Simple answer is life! Life brought me challenges: opportunities for achievements as well as failure. I wanted to share both. 2: What has been your greatest achievement? It… Read more →

blogger recognition award

My First Blogger Recognition Award

*insert confetti* I’m excited” It’s always nice to know that others appreciate your work, especially those that know what goes into running a blog. Thank you so much to Heather of Sassy Sensibility for nominating me! Her site covers everything from self-development advice to yummy recipes so be sure to check her out! How I got here I started blogging with a… Read more →

Feature: Are You A Carbon Copy? By EmmanAyoola

At a time where we all seem to be eating, breathing and sleeping revision there unfortunately isn’t alot of time for blogging. But don’t fret, the ideas are buzzing and there will be new and exciting posts as soon as possible. In the mean time, I’d like to share with you a post from a friend of mine titled ‘Are… Read more →


An Islamic terrorist group (known as Boko Haram) active in the northern regions of Nigeria is responsible for several brutal attacks on innocent civilians in the past few years; most recently, we have witnessed the abduction of 300 school girls. They were taken from their boarding school in the town of Chibok by heavily armed men in trucks on the… Read more →