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Authority over Anger

Anger: 1: a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath; ire Source: Emotions are a crazy thing and often we struggle to control them; mostly because we feel it isn’t possible. But I recently learnt that this isn’t the case. I was full of anger on one random evening and I called a friend to… Read more →

Passion, Pain & Purpose

When it comes to finding our purpose, many, including myself, are caught up in the wrong things. We misunderstand what it is we’re asking God for and end up working towards goals that haven’t been destined for us. Then we start wondering why things aren’t working out the way we feel they should. People of all ages struggle with identifying… Read more →


A problem I noticed amongst many of my friends, especially those of faith, is that they often feel undeserving. Why? The ‘problem’ with faith/religion is that it gives a long list of things that you shouldn’t do. This isn’t an entirely bad thing, rules are needed in life. But committing certain sins led them to believe that they were no… Read more →

Magnify the Lord!

I hope you guys don’t mind, but I’m about to preach! This post will be long… very long, take your time to digest it. The words are inspired by a preaching given by Tracy Stewart, I hope the message blesses you. The Back Story 2017 has been an interesting year for many of us, to say the least. I wrote so much… Read more →

Just Enough? Validating Your Sin

***DISCLAIMER I feel compelled to call out a few people- a few people more than I would like to. These people are the hypocritical Christians: The people who make fancy blog posts and YouTube videos. The people who lead the fellowship groups and stand at the front of the stage during worship. The people who are saved but paint an… Read more →

Don’t Get Lost in the Sauce

I tried to write this at least five times and each time I got lost along the way- the irony! Hopefully this time around I’ll get to the end. If you’re reading this, it means I succeeded in completing it. It means that I didn’t get lost in the sauce… not for too long anyway. I think the reason I… Read more →


I wrote a post at the start of the year called Black Depression. It received a lot of attention, but on reflection (because that’s what I do), I honestly feel as though ‘I didn’t land’, translation: I didn’t make a clear point. I’d like to apologise for that first of all. Not long after I posted that, I was having… Read more →