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Glowing Skin | Updated Skin Care Routine

After many requests from those that follow me on Snapchat I have decided to make this post! I hope it’s helpful! Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist, just a girl who FINALLY cleared her skin, please take care when using any products recommended and test in small amounts first My Skin: Skin Type: combination/oily T-zone (does what is wants tbh)… Read more →

Sweet Spritz

My top 3 fragrances: 1: Miss Dior by Christian Dior (formerly Miss Dior Cherie) 2: Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs 3: Chance by Chanel As you can probably see, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Dior, this is my second bottle since the re-branding and it will most likely remain my favourite fragrance of all time. I would describe this as… Read more →

Review: Love Alpha Mascara

My lashes: short, curly and fine. Even the best of mascara’s don’t seem to do much but make mine look average, but regardless I though I’d share with you one mascara that does give some promising results. **brace yourself for some very LQ pictures- my lashes only ever look full close up after applying this mascara, in pictures they tend… Read more →

Pancake Face

I’m used to having lemon and sugar sprinkled on my pancakes but after doing a bit of research I decided to add some honey and olive oil and rub it all over my face. This homemade face scrub is said to be good at removing acne scars which many people my age suffer from; I plan to keep you updated… Read more →

Green With Envy

  A friend of mine recently tried out Ciate’s Emerald Collection Wow Kit and was kind enough to share her views with us. The kit includes: 13.5ml – Ditch the Heels Nail Polish 20g – Caviar Pearls 10g – Sequins 8.5g – Crushed Velvet           A video tutorial from Ciate: Overall, she gave this a… Read more →

Not So Matte…

A quick and simple nail design seen recently on a few stars. You will need: Matte Black Polish Clear Top Coat Or: Black Polish Matte Top Coat Clear Top Coat   Method: 1: Paint your nails one layer of a matte black polish/ or normal black polish and add a matte top coat 2: Add a layer of a clear… Read more →