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An Islamic terrorist group (known as Boko Haram) active in the northern regions of Nigeria is responsible for several brutal attacks on innocent civilians in the past few years; most recently, we have witnessed the abduction of 300 school girls.

They were taken from their boarding school in the town of Chibok by heavily armed men in trucks on the 15th of April and nearly a month later it seems that the government has no action plan in place. More recent rumours indicate that the terrorists plan to sell the young girls as sex slaves.

It’s saddening to think about how this heartbreaking story has been overlooked this past month but it is a response expected by many- an issue that the Western world was happy to ignore.

Fortunately, voices are being heard, word is spreading through the news and social media and pressure is being put on the Nigerian government to take action. There have been protests and demonstrations in the recent weeks not only by the families of the victims but also by other concerned people around the world. Raising awareness might not help to save the girls, but it might help to prevent such horrific occurrences in the future. Show your support: #BringBackOurGirls


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