Are you enjoying it?

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“University is gonna be the best time of your life!”

We hear it everywhere and we can’t wait to get there, we run into it pumped up and ready to experience three years of bliss… But some of us get here and instead we start to think about how much worse life is going to get if these are meant to be the ‘best’ years. I’ve decided to try my best to make sure that I can leave university and agree with that first statement. On my quest to do this I am close to concluding that the only way this is possible is if I can learn to live in the moment.

Believe it or not you will have a life after you graduate. You will face new challenges. You will meet new people. You will accomplish even more things. The world will keep spinning, time will keep passing and you WILL continue to move along with it. So this is for the person who has been completely consumed by their current situation and has managed to convince themself that it is the only contributing factor to their future: stop stressing, like everything else in life this too shall pass, so ride the wave, don’t drown yourself in it!

This doesn’t only apply to university; this goes for everything you could possibly be dealing with. “100 years is not forever”, my grandma used to say this to me a lot and it has pretty much taken me 20 years to fully understand this: it may feel like you have been struggling with something your whole life and it is very easy to lose hope, but regardless of whether or not you have hope, it is 100% guaranteed to stop at some point. Everything with a beginning has an end. In some cases, this isn’t very encouraging, I’ve often asked her how long exactly I’m supposed to wait, but I’ve grown to understand that simply knowing and trusting that the struggle won’t be forever is enough.

Trust and believe that things will work out the way they should. Whether you have faith in God, the laws of the universe or your own capabilities, have faith in something.

Think back to when you were 4 years old, when everything in life seemed so simple and you were free of doubts: this is the mentality I’ve found that I need at this time in my life, where I’m trapped in this bubble called university where everything is judged, assessed and analysed (not just my grades) and it feels like an endless cycle of getting close to your dreams but not quite being able to grab a hold of them.

Henry Ford once said “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it”. University may be difficult, but it wasn’t designed to defeat you, push through the challenges, it will all be over soon.

I want to remind you all not be engulfed in exam stress this season. Yes, they are important. Yes, they can be difficult. And yes, a part of your future is depending on them. But not your entire future, things will always work out for the best, so learn to enjoy the moment.

So I’d like to ask you again. Are you enjoying it?

All the best, Tisha x

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