A New Chapter

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I’m ready for a new beginning, I’m pretty sure that most people are, but I believe that the past shapes the future and so I want to reflect on the old in the hopes of discovering what’s waiting for me in the new.

I wanted to wait until 2016 was officially over before I constructed this post because I believe that lessons can be learnt from anything and everything we experience in life making every single second crucial to our self-discovery. I share a lot of the lessons I learn in my posts anyway. But after looking back on the year, the ups and downs, challenges and accomplishments, there are three major lessons it seems I haven’t addressed.

First, is that nothing lasts forever– cliché I know, but in 2016, this was more than just a phrase for me.

I lost some people I never thought I would be able to live without whilst simultaneously embracing some people I never thought I would be able to live with. I gave into things I never thought I would find myself doing whilst ridding myself of things I thought would have a permanent presence in my life. For the first time in a long time, I could breathe. I was at peace, in a space that gave me the time I needed to simply be, to live and breathe for the present without stressing about the future- but even that didn’t last long.

This was also such a massive revelation for me because for the first time in so long, things were changing, almost everything about my life changed in 2016, once again reminding me that:

“There is a time for everything” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Secondly, it’s that we don’t always need to know why.

The second half of last year saw me taking a lot of chances that pushed me out of my comfort zone, some that worked out and some that didn’t; but the only reason that I was able to do these things was because I was able to get rid of the idea that I needed to understand every single thing that was happening to me. Losing certain people in my life left me with questions that I never got the answers to, forcing me to endure pain for much longer than was necessary and so I decided to focus more on the whats, whens and whos rather than the whys.

Who was there for me rather than why others were.

When things would happen rather than why they hadn’t already.

What I needed to do rather than why I needed to do it.

This isn’t to say that the why isn’t beneficial, instead it is to remind you, and myself, that it isn’t the only thing we need to focus on.

Finally, it is to trust your instinct. Sometimes that little voice inside my head is my conscience, sometimes it’s my mum and sometimes it’s the Holy Spirit- read How You Can Be Led by the Holy Spirit by Kenneth Hagin if you want to know more about telling the difference. Upon reflection I realised that 90% of the time, when I followed my instinct, things worked out for the best. Those people I had a weird feeling about, even after a number of years of peace, proved that we weren’t compatible; the decisions I made that defied all logic, opened up a whole new world of blessings and the opportunities that I took on a limb, despite the odds being against me, surely paid off in the end.

So here I am, stating the obvious, reminding you of things I’m sure you already know, because sometimes, in order to learn something new, we must first revisit the old.

Wishing you a fantastic year! God bless!



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