A Little Monthly Treat…

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We’ve all wished it could be our birthday every single day of the year, just so we could get showered with gifts, so why not treat ourselves every so often? There are many beauty boxes that can do this exact thing for us- for a fee of course- one of the most popular in the UK being the Glossy Box. Some other big names include Birchbox, Joliebox, Amarya Box, Feel Unique Beauty Box and most recently stepping onto the scene is the MissGlossyBox.

The main reason why Glossy Box seems to be the leading brand in the beauty box world is because of the way the products you receive can be tailored towards your needs, skin type and hair type using a short questionnaire. For only £10 a month, with a variety of different subscription plans it seems worth the try. For those who are already really into beauty products or those that just wish to experiment the surprise element makes it all more exciting. Plus, once you’re done with the products the sturdy boxes can always be used for storage!

Worth the investment? Definitely! It’s unlikely that you will receive a box without any full size products meaning that you’ll probably get a box worth much more than the £10 that you initially paid for it! The only problem at times can be the shades the cosmetics come in- bright pink blush won’t look good on everyone! Besides, if revision guides and notepads keep eating away at your bank account you can always stop your subscription and resume again in another month if you still want to- you aren’t tied down to anything.

I’d consider it to be the perfect gift for a shopaholic on a budget- the products are tailored to you, the subscription works around you and the box full of surprises is for you!

To sign up for the glossy box click here: http://www.glossybox.co.uk/referal?CI=MTEyMzc5

Enjoy, Tisha!

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